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Lawnes Point on the James Property Owners Association
Lawnes Point Owners,
The Association needs your vote on a proposed amendment to our bylaws.  This is one of the few times where the Board needs to hear from all of the owners, as the decision will impact all of us.  Please help the Board complete this task.
The amendment reinstates a “Due Process” procedure, so when there is an issue that requires resolution, the Board can ensure it gets resolved.  The reinstatement is needed due to a recent change in Virginia law.  Without the “Due Process” we will not, in my opinion, be able to maintain the values of our investments at Lawnes Point. I have voted yes, and hope and trust that you will join me with your affirmative vote.
The Home Owners Association Board recommends that you vote yes for this amendment.  We understand our owners fall into various categories to include those that live or intend to live here, those who purchased lots as an investment and those looking to sell their property.   Whatever the category you fall in, I believe that it is in your best interest to put this amendment in place.
The management company has Variety of ways….There is a Due Process Amendment Proxy to complete and send back to Property Management or all Lawnes Point on the James Owners has the option of voting electronically through the Association website.   Please follow these simple steps to vote.
**Please note - if you have not registered for the website, you will need to complete the registration process as described on the website home page prior to voting.
Log onto the association website by clicking the sign in link.
The Due Process Vote link is on the top of the Home page on the left side.
Select Begin the Questionnaire, read through the information and select begin.
The next page is actually where you vote.
DUE PROCESS VOTE – On the same page you will have the option to select Yes, Due Process Amendment or No, Due Process Amendment.  
  • If you own more than 1 Lot you will be asked to list the address you own in the Optional comments box.  Your vote will count for each lot owned.
  • Once completed select Next Question and you will receive a thank you for voting message.  You have then completed the voting process.
If you have any questions you may call the office at 757-646-6247 for assistance.
Please take the time today and vote, if you were at the Annual meeting and voted Thank you, your vote will be counted.
Thank you and I truly appreciate your support. 
Fred Roitz
Lawnes Point on the James Board President
There are many things you can do on the site:
  • Contact the Association
  • Pay your assessment on line
  • Download forms
  • Review the minutes of recent meetings
  • Review current Financial data
  • Reference the Associations Governing Documents
  • See what events / meetings are upcoming
The site has two areas, Public which consists of information available to anyone, and Members which has information available only to Owners within Lawnes Point.
To access the Member only information simply click Register on the upper left side of the page, complete the required information on the form and click submit.
Your login details will be emailed to the email address you provide once your account is approved by the administrator.
Please do not share your login information with anyone.  Each login is unique and we will set up a login for any owner who requests.  Sharing your login can result in revocation of your access to the secure area.
Having a secure area of the website allows the Association to provide members easier access to non-public information and the ability to communicate quicker to the entire community.  We hope each of you take the time to register, and enjoy the new website!
Board of Directors,
Lawnes Point on the James Property Owners Association, Inc.
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